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This is a new install of Logic Pro 9 from the app store on a new late 2011 macbook pro.


I purchased the Logic Pro 9 Explained tutorial from Groove3 and have been following along with great success. However, when the tutorial got to a section that went through channel strip settings (track settings), I realized that I could no longer follow along as I was missing "09 Warped". I have 01-08 and 10, but no 09. I've scoured the internet for a couple days now in search of a solution, but most of them require using Pacifist with the install disc, which I don't have since I purchased through the app store, which means I don't have an "install file" (that I know of).


I thought that I might be able to simply uninstall and reinstall, but it seems there's no real way to officially uninstall, without rooting through system folders and such (which I'm not comfortable doing, and I don't feel I should need to).


Any ideas?



Logic Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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