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I am overseas with the military and Facetime has been a great way to stay closer to my family. I really appreciate the app and the ipod as a piece of awesome technology.


When I FT my family my youngest son is so excited to see me that he constantly reaches out to touch me. When he does he ends up hanging up on me because his fingers hit the end button. It happens countless times in every conversation. I did a Google search and have found others with similar problems with no resolution or advice. Is there a plan to update this? Any suggestions besides keep it away from my child, because have you ever tried to hold a device just out of arms reach of a small child? They go ballistic.


I just downloaded an app called PaceDJ. It has a little screen lock function on it. Adding something like that (maybe with a code to unlock) would be tremendous addition to an awesome app.

iPod touch (4th generation)