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I have a bunch of CDs the were previously in 128kbs when I first ran iTunes Match but I've now re-ripped my whole collection in AAC Lossless and I'd like to replace the lower quality versions in the cloud with the new high quality versions or at least the auto 256kbs version that gets sent instead of the lossless file.


I've looked all over and can't find anyone who has tried and thing similar. It would be a huge pain to manually delete albums from iTunes Match and then reimport.

iTunes Match, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Michael Allbritton Level 6 Level 6 (16,710 points)

    The easiest way to do what you want to do is to delete the album from iTunes and the cloud. Then run the "update iTunes Match" command and wait at least 24 hours for the old files to get cleared off the servers. Then add the album back to the library and let iTM do it's thing.

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    Unfortunately I'm looking at about 300 albums, double checking the everything is correct for that many tracks is going to be a huge pain!

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    Michael Allbritton Level 6 Level 6 (16,710 points)

    That's a lot of albums. But, this is really you're only solution. There's no easy way to do it.

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    Kenichi Watanabe Level 7 Level 7 (30,030 points)

    iTunes Match does not actually upload ALL of your songs.  It only uploads the ones that are NOT matched.  In other words, if a song that you have is matched to a song in the iTunes Store catalog, the file that is already stored on Apple server is used.  That song file is 256 kbps AAC.  Your song file is not uploaded.


    That's one reason the service only costs $25 per year, because most of the songs people have are already collectively stored on Apple's servers, because the same song is sold by the iTunes Store.  Only songs that do NOT match are uploaded and stored in iCloud individually, per user.


    Also, this article says that song files that are in ALAC (Apple Lossless) format are "transcoded" to AAC 256 kbps locally, before they are uploaded to iCloud.




    So, whether your songs match or not, they are not going to be stored in Apple Lossless format in iCloud.

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    It's fairy easy, just create a Smart Playlist with these settings: iCloud Status is Matched and Kind does not contain lossless. This will give you a list of your music that's been uploaded to the cloud but isn't Apple Losless.


    Now you can select all and holding down the ALT key press delete. This will remove all your non lossless music from iCloud. Then just re-import your ALAC files into itunes and let it rematch to the cloud.

    As Kenichi points points out, they will only be held on iCloud as 256 kbps AAC, so make sure you keep a backup of all your ALAC files.