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Here in the Cayman Islands we have two local carriers both offering HSPA+ at 2100 MHz. I have two iPad 2 3G's and several iPhones (3GS, 4, 4S) that all connect to the local networks using 3G. I have sim cards for both carriers. Yesterday I got two of the new iPad 64GB+4G (AT&T) and I can confirm that both of these only connect to the local carriers via EDGE. I have tried multiple sim cards, done full restores, setup as new iPads etc. Nothing made any difference. I have spoken with the tech support of both carriers and they have no explanation, especially since the sim cards work fine in older iPads and the iPhones. Interestingly I had a pre-paid AT&T sim card that I reactivated last night (a one month data plan plus a one month international coverage plan) and when I put that into either of the new iPads I can connect to both local carrier networks via 3G. So does that mean the new iPad is not completely unlocked? I have seen a few similar postings regarding EDGE connections only so hopefully this will be addressed via a quick software update. It's kind of sad that my new iPads have slower connection speeds (via cellular) than my older ones.

iPad, iOS 5.1, No 3G or HSPA+ 4G connection
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