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So I have my 4S, a couple iPads, a couple MacBooks, an iMac, my AppleTV, and I am looking to purchase the Express.  What is the best set up for my new home to sync them all together logically?


My bedroom will have my wireless keyboard and trackpad for the iMac, as my iMac doubles as my TV as well with my 360 linked into it.  I do a lot of mixing with my iMac.  I've got a few KRK's hooked up to a solid stack to keep anything from having too much power pushed to it.  I want my house to be as 'cool' as it possibly can, yet I want it all to work well with one another..  any suggestions would be appreciated! 



iMac (27-inch Mid 2010)
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    In order to help you with deciding what type of networking hardware you will need, you will need to provide some additional information:

    • Do you need to support both wired and wireless network clients?
    • Are all of your network clients 802.11n capable? ... and for both the 2.4 & 5 GHz bands?
    • How much or all of your house do you want network coverage?
    • Does your existing home have Ethernet built-in? That is, does it have a central network panel and each of the rooms in the house have an Ethernet port?
    • Do you plan on streaming HD video content on your local network? That is playing back a DVD or Blu-ray level video file from a local storage device to playback device over the network?
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    Air Port Extreme. If you want the whole house covered. Also apple routers are really bad in old houses so make sure your walls are not plaster!