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Can anyone explain why, when i first open safari and double click to open a new tab, just before the Top Sites page loads i get a flicker of a partly scrambled image? This image is usually, but not always, of a site or screen that has just previously been open in the display, sometimes from a webpage, sometimes from a window such as system preferences. Occasionally the scrambled image is nothing that has been on my screen in the last 24hrs, as far as i can remember. This isn't a problem, per se, but a funny quirk that makes me wonder if there is something amiss with my Macbook. How is this image left hanging around to then briefly re-appear in a scrambled format?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Hi Andrew ...


    Safari does the same thing for me in TopSites on my Mac running Snow Leopard v10.6.8. I've yet to have any issues with the computer as a result of it. The anomaly doesn't show up in Safari on v10.7 Lion.


    You can provide feedback to Apple > Apple - Safari - Feedback


    Just for peace of mind, you can run the Apple Hardware Test just to rule out any hardware issues.

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    Thanks for the response. So far now issues here either but i will run the hardware test as you have suggested.


    Ciao 4 now.

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    Hello folks,


    I have had this problem for a while now.  The problem ONLY occurs with Safari if I open a new tab and have preferences set to top sites.  What I see when I open a new tab is pixelization and/or flickering.  I thought it was hardware issue so I called Apple. We ran HW tests and they told me it was not. They advised it was likely a plugin or software issue.  We re-installed Snow Leopard (maintaing all data) and that did not help. We did tons of other things, all to no avail.  Apple suggested I do a WIPE and start over.  They also suggested I do NOT reimage from my time machine backup as to not bring back whatever plugin or SW


    So I finally got around to that this weekend.  I am on an essentially virgin system. The only two apps I installed are Handbrake and Skype.  I have not done any flash update, plugins or anything else.   The problem still exists


    I have an excellent and short video capture that shows this but not sure how I can upload that here.


    I guess from reading this post that I should go to Lion - which is on my list of things to do but need to check on compatibility of some SW/HW first.


    OH btw, some specifics:  Imac 27" Snow Leopard, 12GB Ram, all SW is up to date


    Just thought I would throw this out there...