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Lately a Force Quit window pops up telling me that there is no more space available for application memory. I have over 730GB available on a 1000GB drive. Running OS X 10.6.8, Firefox 11.0, Microsoft Entourage 12.3.1 Photoshop CS 8.0, QuarkXPress 8.5 and Microsoft Word 12.3.1. Have quit all other applications. I can still use the computer, but the window is almost constantly popping up. I do not force quit anything, just close the window. I have had MANY more programs open at one time and NEVER had this problem until about two weeks ago. The only thing that I've downloaded is a Garmin Lifetime Updater as far as software.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Firefox 11.0, Photoshop CS 8.0