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I will ask Siri to "Remind me to clean the guest bathroom tub when I get home". I get the reminder, but then  when I get into the office the next morning, they pop up on my Outlook as outdated reminders. Very embarrasing to have one of my coworkers see a peronsal reminder that I set for myself from home.. I am using an iPhone4S and an  iPad 3 - both connected to the same Apple ID. I still want my Outlook Calendar to show me reminders from my work meetings and other invitations from colleagues, though..


Anybody know how I would go about setting my personal reminders to not go to my Outlook calendar? I'm a bit confiused as to how these are all connected and intertwined. So if someone could explain (in very lamen's terms) how this is connected as well, that would probably help my thinking pathh in terms of iCloud, syncing with other devices and emails..etc



Thanks a bunch, I know one of you guys will nail this one!


Additional info: I have my personal email account loaded (gmail), another personal email (local to my website) loaded, and then my outlook email loaded as well.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1, iPad3 as well.