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Boy I've been at it for half an hour and I'm not at all sure where Apple has routed me, if I am supposed to re-word my query, or if I'm supposed to give up.  Way to go guys!  When I try to watch movies lately using quicktime, the movies stutter to an unacceptable degree.  Now I am trying to upgrade to quicktime pro but am being given instructions that my computer is unable to perform : to install the quicktime pro I am told to click on quicktime above, and then go into 'registration.'  When I click quicktime above, 'registration' is not offered.  SO I AM STUCK.  APPLE : PLEASE ADVISE.  THIS IS EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING.  I AM DOING WHAT I AM TOLD, BUT THE COMPUTER IS UNABLE TO MOVE FORWARD USING THIS INFORMATION.  GREAT.

quicktime pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)