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so, i'm wondering if I can hookup my 2012 macbook pro to my hp laptop to use the hp as a second (duel) screen.   I'd like to be able to work on my macbook and have access to two screens at the same time to make my line of work easier....  I've been reading about these mini-DVI to VGA adapters but i'm not sure how or if they are what i need and if they will work.  it looks like i have to buy the mini-DVI to VGA adapter and than buy another VGA cord to go from the adapter to my HP laptop?  is this correct?  I don't wanna order everything if thats not going to work... 


thank you to anyone that can help, i'm still relatively new to the mac world and will never go back.  unfortunately for the mean time i still have ALOT to learn




-edit: will these wires also work the other way around? (just in case because anymore I hate using my HP)


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