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In the last version of iTunes and the current version iTunes is refusing to play my music when I press play.


It only plays when I either remove my headphones from the socket or put in my headphones into the socket.


It's extremely annoying! If anyone else has this problem or knows how to fix it please respond.


[Running Windows 8 Consumer Preview]

iPhone 4S, Other OS
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    I have a similar issue. Also on Windows 8 Consumer preview. When i first open iTunes it will play just fine. But if i change playlist or double click on a different song it wont play the song for about 5 mins and then plays it. Exiting and opening iTunes again allows me to pick a new playlist and play it instantly, but if i try and change song by double clicking again it stalls again.

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    I'm in a similar situation, using Windows 8 Consumer Preview with iTunes not playing songs when double-clicked on. The way I get it to work is open any explorer folder and double click on another folder or click on a folder on the left sidebar. Music always starts to play immediately, and the glitch doesn't come back for a while.