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If you have an iPad 3. Tilt towards you, looking underneath the bezel (under the camera) has your iPad got any lights showing? It's not bleeding onto the screen, in fact it doesn't interfere at all under normal use of the iPad. I have read many forums and it does seem to be quite common,but i would like to know what have you done about it? Have you replaced within 14 days and got a brand new iPad and been satisfied ? Or have you had another with worse or different issues? Or have you ignored the issue and kept the iPad?


I walked into comet and the first iPad 3 I picked up had exactly the same issue. I asked the bloke, he said yes? It's no problem, it's common in led screens and with the iPads new retina screen your bound to get this problem on some but it's no problem as doesn't effect your everyday use. Not the point though is it, we pay 400-579 for this thing!


I also rang apple and they spoke with their technical team and they came back and said the lights under the bezel seems unusual. To try and restore the iPad and see if that solves it. Solves a hardware problem?? How did they get their jobs? Crazy. So now I am in the middle of returning the iPad for a replacement but I am debating whether to even bother as I have read a lot of replacements people have received have numerous other problems, like dead pixels, light leakage, scratches.


I would appreciate any feedback from those who have had this same issue and what did you do about it ?

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