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I just bought myself an iPad 3 last Saturday from the Southland Apple store  in Melbourne Australia and am very happy with it though I noticed very weak signal when connected to 3G Telstra wireless broadband network.


I do not think it is the network because I have an iPhone 4s with a prepaid Sim card, with the same APN name, same location (comparing the 2 devices side by side) and my iPhone 4s shows full 5 bars of signal whereas the iPad 3 only manages 1 bar. This is a problem because I cannot browse the Internet. With the iPhone 4s I can which is just centimeters away from my iPad 3.


I cannot connectnton 4g in Australia because the iPad version of 4G (US version) is not supported by any of the Telcos.


Has anyone experienced this performance issue yet on their new iPad 3?


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iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1
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    Same here. I have a Ipad 2 and just got the 3. Have a Telstra sim in each. Next to each other on the bench the Ipad 2 gets 1 to 2 extra bars on the Telstra signal. Also where my Ipad 2 connected to Telstra 3G everywhere in the house, the ipad 3 has major difficulties, sometimes not connecting at all and most of the time shows only 1 bar.


    I will check it out on the train Monday and see if I can work all the way in to the city gettting 3G the whole way as I can on the Ipad 2. I am very doubtful based on what I see today that the reception will be any good and have strong feelings I will have to reside myself to using the Ipad 2 if I want to work using 3G

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    I commute to Melbourne CBD Monday to Friday every week to go to work by train via the Frankston line and I can tell you that the 3g signal quality of the new ipad is really crap!


    I mostly get 1 bar of signal compared to 5!bars on my iPhone 4s and my VPN either does not connect or drops out instantly.


    I bought the new iPad because I am an IT administrator and occasionally I provide support as I am travelling into the city ie kill a frozen Citrix session, reboot a server, clear print queue etc. I was doing this fine with my HP Mini netbook but it was getting heavy to carry in my backpack and the battery was not lasting.


    With my iphone I can VPN and rdp but the screen is to small to do any useful work.


    I hope apple take this seriously and fix it with the next firmware update.


    How do I report a bug/problem to Apple? The feedback line?



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    I have exact same issue. iPhone 4s gets 4 bars and new iPad fluctuates between 0 and 2 bars, but mostly 1. They are right. Ext to each other and using same sim card to test.  The iPhone'singer is way faster and the iPad stalls half the time.  So this isn't just some visual bars issue.

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    I mean he iPhones Internet not singer. Another thing for apple to fix is their hoodwinked(<-- autocorrected, horrible) auto correct.

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    Same issue new ipad 3 Telstra Pre paid sim side by side with 4s the 4s works quicker on both wifi and 3G I also use a remote camera application which works on both 3G and wifi perfectly on the iPhone 4S


    The exact same configuration will only work on wifi for the iPad when I compare settings to the iPhone they are identical


    I have frequent low signal using iPad on 3G