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I have a new (Win 7) computer with which I want to use my I-Tunes music library.  Currently the library itself resides on an extern (USB) hard drive connected to my old computer (Win XP).  However, the library files (itl and xml) reside on the internal hard drive of the old computer.


My problem is that part of the transfer is easy and obvious, but the rest of it seems unclear to me.


I'm pretty sure I could just plug the external drive into the new computer, and in ITunes on the new computer, set the folder location on the hard drive as the location of my library and then add the content to the library and have access to my full library.


Except, I would not have the play-lists.  They are sitting in the itl file on the old computer.


So, my question is:  How do I move that information as well?


I'd be grateful for any suggestions.



iPod classic, Windows 7