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Whilst helping a friend to reinstall Flash I noticed that, even though I'd run the installer, there were still lots of Flash bits hanging around in her computer.


I was at the time running permissions repair, but terminated that halfway though, and restarted the iMac G5 [thinking that might clear the old bits of Flash]..


So .... Nothing happened - the screen remained black after reboot. Then after a couple of minutes the fan came on high speed and stayed on till I force quitted and tried again.

Same thing happens every time.


I was wondering if I shouldn't have stopped  permissions repair while it was doing its thing...??


[When I do it on my laptop, I'm asked  to enter my admin password. This request didn't appear on the other computer.


thanks anyone ... I feel a bit responsible ... did I wreck my friend's computer whilst trying to do her a favor???! 


John  UK


PS   She did say that the iMac was behaving strangely last night - so it might not have been my fault

iMac G5; Powerbook Titanium 17" G4, Mac OS X (10.4.11), 1680x1050