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I am using Safari 5.1.5 on my Windows7 system 64.


I have had problems with print jobs where the print at the bottom of the page is compressed, looking much like it might look when caught in a print spooler. But, this happens whether I print to PDF file or to my printers. It has happened using different laptops (Sony and Dell) and different printers (Epson and Brother). It obviously happens when I print web documents (PDF) or web pages (html) through the Safari browser. This is frustrating since I do much business and filing of forms online where I need to print receipts or completed forms.


Safari is great except for this one problem. I don't want to be forced to use another browser, and in fact I forget to use others that don't have this problem (IE9, for example) when I am working and need to print.


I have tried changing page sizes - the problem happens whether I use a USA printer for 8x10 sheets, or a Euro printer for A4 size sheets. I don't know that it is a frame issue, since it happens with PDF forms as well as HTML pages. I don't know if it is a spooling problem, though it happens even with one-page documents.


What to do?

Safari 5.1, Windows 7