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Hi All,


Hope this is the right place to post - I run Snow Leopard on a June 210 2.66 i7 UMBP. Please forgive my very limited knowledge but I was following instructions on how to create a "Disk Image" of a SDHC Card to preserver exact data so as to enable easy import of Full HD 60FPS AVCHD/.MTS stuff shot on a Sony DSC-HX9V Camera. (Sony PS Video Mode)


I am basically "Monkey See. Monkey Do" & was having a nightmare trying to figure out why I could not transfer the stuff on the SD Card to iMovie 11/ iMovie HD. I read lots of threads here & elsewhere & the advice seemed to be to make a "Disk Image" of the SD Card via Disk Utility & then import into iMovie from there. I found the following online instructions:




I followed the exact instructions to the letter but kept getting error messages a few times & the process would not complete. On the last occasion (4th), the process completed very quickly & a "Disk Image was created on my desktop. I noticed that it said that there was pretty much 16GB free out of the 16GB capacity of the card & when I opened it, all I found were folder icons & garbled descriptions with some strange files - The SAME was true of the stuff on the SD Card which I was desperately trying to back up & save. The Card was full of Data when I inserted it.


All the photos & videos in all folders are now missing/gone & I do not know why. I am desperately hoping there might be some way I can get all the stuff back - is there any hope? What, as someone of very limited understanding of these things, do to recover the stuff on the SD Card if at all possible? I have enclosed some pics so you can see what I see. What happened here - where did all my stuff go?


Many Kind Thanks!


Screen shot 2012-04-10 at 18.11.54.png


Screen shot 2012-04-10 at 18.10.28.png

Screen shot 2012-04-10 at 18.10.52.png

17" UMBP 2.66 i7, Mac OS X (10.6.4)