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    kuhlektore Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This worked for me, in a few minutes my iPad was at a normal heat range to the touch.....All you need to do to adress the "heat issue" is turn down the brightness in settings. Also close some apps running in the backround just double click your home button and the app bar will show up, now just hold your finger on any of the apps running and a red circled minus sign appears, just tap the minus sign to close running apps and your tablet will operate with less heat...

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    Wofield Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi ! 


    I just received my iPad 3..  My new nick name is Mr. Sweaty Hands !  My iPad is not HOT to burn my skin, but warm enough to make my hands sweat...


    I use the ipad for reading only.. no games or video..  just browing internet or readying books was enough to quit using it after 30 min...


    If I do not hear of a solution (slow down the processor or something to reduce temp) I will returnt it before the 30 days period..

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    SidGP Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Be sure you're right about that 30-day inspection period . . . if purchased online directly from Apple, you only have 14 days.

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    Suze17 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Look at some of our solutions on page 8 of this discussion.  They really work!!  Mine went from hot to slightly warm at times.

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    Wofield Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    I have been makeing some testing.. What helped a little bit is to reduce the brightness of the screen.   I reduced to 50-60% and now the iPad does not get to warm.. Still you can feel it but at least not as warm as it was using 100% brightness.


    The sad part is that I cant read with this level of brightness..


    I need to make my mind.. not sure If i will keep this one.. :-(



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    It is completely nomrmal for the new iPad to get warmer than the iPad 2. It gets warmer because of the larger lithium batteries and the larger processer, and the aluminum backing to let that heat escape.

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    I have a major concern after reading all the post above. Why should i go through all these many works to enjoy something that i spent a fortune for? It's sound quiet a bit ridiculous and pathetic , and to make matter worst, Apple still aint addressing  officially this situation. . I mean, for this price, something got to be done. At least show us a willingness to solve this problem. I want to enjoy my ipad3 with  no restriction  , none. So advices like lowing down the brightness, shut down some open app and so on are just nonsens .Really? You must be kidding me. Let's face the fact here, ipod3 as much advanced as it is , has a very serious , warming, heating, burning problem. And none of the so called solution will resolve it but APPlE itself.

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    Wofield Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I returned my Ipad 3 yesteday.....  :-(


    I will wait for the iPad 3 FIX before I even think about buying a new one...

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    I was at an Apple Store yesterday where they had both iPad 2s and iPad 3s sitting side by side.  The operating temperature difference is very obvious and quite alarming.  Not warm enough to burn or anything but pretty darn warm.  Definitely enough to make your hands pretty sweaty while using it ... it really doesn't seem like that would be a pleasant experience for a device that is intended for handheld media consumption.  Turning down brightness and managing what you do with it really doesn't really cut it as a solution.  I'm generally skeptical when people complain about such a fundamental issue on an Apple device - but this really does seem to be a problem.

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    Fellows, i tried several things and they seem to be working. My ipad 3 is 64 Gb and 4g with SIM slot, i've observed it becomes warm when using the mobile network, besides turning off the notification center and turning off the ask before joining a wifi button I disabled the Wifi main button while using the mobile network and it worked so far. When I use the Wifi i use flight mode at the same time, in my cAse it seems there is an overload when using the mobile network and the wifi at the same time.


    Keep loving your ipad, in my experience with apple products since my fist mac back in 1992, there is always a detail to take care of, like many other things in life. Besides, it would be too boring a life without problems to solve



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    Encrypted11 Level 2 Level 2 (350 points)

    For those who experience New iPad heating issues, you may want to explain some of your usage trends like others did


    Here are some tell-tale signs of defective units (heat related):



    I've personally made 2 exchanges, now on the 3rd iPad which I'm keeping. The first New iPad I had was a pre-order and I received it days after the debut. But I only got the satisfactory unit about 6 weeks after my first order....


    Both unit 1 & 2 were having heat issues, especially while running Retina apps. The worst experience was running Infinity Blade 2 on the second unit, the amount of heat produced was an alarming temperature over 50-60 celcius.


    Personal observations

    • Both units rejected by me were assembled in the Foxconn DL facility
    • I've also heard a number of reports on overheating, mainly iPads assembled in DL of which some people are claiming to have made several exchanges (talking about DL cases only, excluding DM etc..) and finally receiving a DY which was satisfactory. With just one DY received by these people, it ended the "musical chair game" immediately.
    • I'm one of them, the DY replacement unit met expectations. Heat itself was contained, it was operating near 35 celcius at most. Running high-end games like IB2, usual temps would be around 30 celcius. All in all, battery doesn't drain screen looks perfectly normal too.


    So where was your iPad assembled? It seemed that there is a correlation between assembly plant and defect rates

    Note: The first 2 letters of your iPad serial represent the Foxconn facility it was assembled at, if you're unwilling to follow the link to input your entire serial. Make your exchange ASAP if you're having a defective iPad.


    Some others are saying heat issues may subside after running 2-3 charge cycles running the battery from 100%-0%. If problems persists, contact the retailer or Apple's toll free hotline.


    Find out which production week was your iPad assembled

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    Hello everybody , last night I did a few tests, this issue is beginning to make sense to me, I turned off every automatic download in the general settings / store menu. Besides I found something really logic however not evident to me. When I started experiencing the heat issue I used a Ducano Back shield, hence I would only sense the left lower edge from the ipad. Last night I took it out , and tested it streaming with mobile network a movie in you tube for 1.5 hrs, and vooilaaaa... the ipad did'n got warm besides the battery dropped 18%. My thoughts are, the ducano back shield does not allow the ipad to cool the proper way using its back aluminium skin. When I used the ducano back shield the major area of the aluminium skin is insulated and the heat follows the easiest pad (lowest thermic resistance) which is the exposed aluminium to the enviroment, the lower left edge. Hope this helps



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    I have a week 15, DM, 64gb Verizon 4g unit. I usually have brightness on max with auto turned on. I also use an ifrogz summit case. Tonight, after about 2 hours of surfing and flipboarding, I noticed the warmth down the left boarder. Used my infrared thermometer to measure temperatures between 110 and 113 F. Took it out of the case. After an hour caseless, as I type this the temp down the left boarder is between 103 and 108 F. On the back side of the lower left, it's 103 F. This does not seem to be within spec. Calling apple tomorrow.

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    You might not like it but the iPad brightness is what makes it hot. Mine is the 64g 4g LTE Verizon model, the only time it gets very warm is when I have the brightness all the way up. Nothing else causes it to get very warm. I keep it set at around 60%. Unless it develops some other issue, I'll be just fine.

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    Hey guys

    i managed to find a solution for the heat problem, i am using the new ipad 64GB wifi model,

    please do the fillowing

    1- make your brightness 75% or below

    2- close the "not in use" background apps

    3- this one is importent, please recalibrate your iPad's battery, in case you dont know what that means:

    use your ipad normally, let the battery reach 0% and turns off by itself, now plug it and leave it charging, when it turns on, turn off the wifi, reduce the brightness to 0%, use airplane mode, after that turn the ipad off by holding the Sleep\wake button,and leave it charging for 8 or 9 hours until it reaches 100%, and it's done

    4 make sure you do this process 3 times in row, then do it again once each month, this will adjust the battery's life to your usage.


    that's all, i started doing that several months ago, and now my Ipad is always cool even when playing hardcore graphics games and watching HD Videos


    and have a nice day