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I purchased an iPhone 3GS, December 21st 2009. I still have my proof of purchase as well. So my warranty was only a year, and I'm about 3 weeks over my one year warranty. First of all, I've never dropped my phone in water, snow, anything.

Secondly, I own a Belkin Car Charger, and use it to transmit the iPhone audio to the stereo so I can listen to my iPhone in my car. I've been using it as long as I've had the phone, so just barely over a year.

So to the point, I hopped in my car, docked my iPhone <It was at 56%>, started playing tunes and after about 35 seconds it just turned off. I kept driving thinking it was a bug, and nothing. I couldn't turn it back on, so I headed home. I tried charging it through the wall, nothing. I tried connecting it to my computer for 15-20 minutes, nothing. It doesn't turn on, show up on my computer, nor show itself in iTunes. I then tried connecting it to a friends computer, nothing, a friends charger, nothing. Even tried on a docking station to charge it. Nothing. I've tried holding the home button and sleep button for 10 seconds, to reset. Nothing. I've even held them for 2-3 minutes, and still nothing.

I have no idea what is wrong with it, it hasn't touched water, or gotten crushed or anything. I also had <no longer, since the phone won't turn on> a problem, where I would connect my phone to the usb <and wall adapter> to charge through wall, it wouldn't charge. So I'd have to unplug from the wall, locate a new plug in, plug it in, then it would begin to charge, then return to the original place it was plugged it and plug it in to charge it. I have to do this regardless of where I am. I even had the charging accessory replaced from Apple, and the problem still persists.

So my quesiton, what should I do? Would they replace my phone? I'm a hair over my one year warranty.

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    The warranty is 1 year, not 1 year plus 3 weeks.
    The simple answer is the device is no longer under warranty.

    How long have you left it plugged into the wall outlet? Sometimes, leaving it plugged in for 20-30 minutes will allow it to charge enough to actually power on.

    The issue could be your battery or, based on previous problems you described, the docking port of the system board.

    Apple does offer an Out of Warranty replacement which is $199(US).
    I believe the also replace the batteries for less.

    Best solution, if you still cannot get it to power on is to visit a genius bar.
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    Well, from previous experiences. The phone will turn on when it's dead, after WALL charging for 5-10 minutes. I've left it on for 2-3 hours, it won't charge. It's almost as if it fried somehow, or that's what it seems like. A genius bar being a till at apple?
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    I have exactly same problem with my iPhone 3GS. What is the solution?
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    My phone just randomly turned into a brick like this, too. Baffled. Buttons don't do anything, computer doesn't register it when plugged in, screen stays off when plugged in. Hopefully someone here or at Apple knows what's wrong.
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    Exactly the same problem here, it just won't turn on. For the last week it's been restarting every 5 minutes or so, and the battery has been going from full to empty in a matter of hours - which makes me think that it was water damage, but the water damage indicators haven't been set off.

    I just tried plugging it into my computer and a whole bunch of black lines showed up on the screen and then faded, and it isn't being recognised by iTunes.
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    My brothers Iphone 3G is doing the exact same thing. Completely black screen, won't connect to computer, won't charge by wall charger (left there for hours and never turns on). All he did was plug it up to charge and it went black in a matter of seconds. HELP please!
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    I took mine into the Apple store tonight and they gave me a new phone. Too bad I haven't backed it up in a couple months. Least I have a functioning phone again.
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    mine is a iphone 3GS i just upgraded to ios5 this afternoon, but after about 8 hour later , i key lock my phone..but i can’t unlock it .. i thought at that moment is out of battery (coz it left less than 10% ). But after i charge it through direct cord more than 10 minute (normally it will restart by it self) but i didn’t restart !!!!! izit crash ?? or ??? somebody pls help !!

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    you are lucky enough to get a replacement, mine is already out of the warranty period..

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    My 3GS has just done the same thing.  Black screen, won't reboot, isn't recognised by iTunes.  Totally ceased to work. Any ideas folks?  Maybe IOS5 is to blame.

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    Almost this EXACT problem happened to me. I had it hooked to a car charger/radio output, and it just died. However, mine wasn't more than a year old. It was only 9 months actually. And now it's dead. Gone. Completely.


    Absolutely nothing works.

    I've tried holding the home/lock buttons for a minute.

    I've tried connecting to my MacBook.

    I've tried connecting to the wall.


    Nothing works. This is still under warranty, and I hope Apple has the integrity that I wouldn't have to pay for it.

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    Same situation with me and my iPhone 3GS running iOS 5.0.1, plugged the car charger and it went poof !!!....

    i dont have warranty, and i live in Dubai, UAE, no Apple genius available here !!...



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    you are not lucky, friends. every product Apple has in the battery life. it seems, she was gone. find an authorized service center, they canreplace the battery and ready, it is brand new.

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    Ethereal Tech Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    The iPhone issue your having is known well with Apple consumers.


    An AASP may verify the issue and charge for a battery replacement. If this is the issue. Your nearest service centre is TECOM.


    We do provide support also with a more detailed diagnosis, we are the leading Apple consultancy based service for UAE. We act as an intermediary between your purchase and hardware warranty. If the product needs a repair is out of warranty we direct to either us or an appropriate AASP. In your case we could inspect the issue and inform you of cost. Our company is Consult Mac. We may recieve a financial benefit by stating this message as per the terms and conditions of Apple support Communities.