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Hi, guys!


So, I've just found out that I can not properly put my music on both iPhone 4S and iPad (iOS 5.1).


PLEASE, try do the following and place the result here whether you see same behavior.



1. Enable Manual sync on you iOS device;

2. Drag and Drop any album from your library to iPhone -> songs start to transfer;

3. Now, while songs are transfering get another album and drop it to your iPhone;

4. ISSUE IS THAT: you should notice that the transfer of the first album is interrupted and the latest album is transferring ONLY;


So, at the end you have just several songs from first album and all songs from the second one. So, basically each new album you drag and drop interrupts previous transfer...


I see this behavior on both my devices and on two different Macs... Weird.




God bless you.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1