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I downloaded an update of VLC (2.) and it doesn't work on my Lion. Error Reports were sent two weeks ago, but no reply. I've download an older version (1.1.9) (which DOES work). Is there some way to "fix" the 2.0 version?

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    1.  This forum is for troubleshooting Apple Software Update for Windows...an application that runs on Windows that automatically updates Apple software that runs on Windows, and not releated in any way to VLC.

    2.  Apple Communities only provide support for Apple products

    3.  Post your question on the VLC forums as it's their software you're having issues with:  http://forum.videolan.org/

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    It is a third party software, so it very common problem. First check for the Virus, Virus can create this problem. After detecting and deleting virus re-install VLC. Otherwise you can do the following steps gradually   ( Guided by Techyv Experts) :


    a) Uninstall VLC player


    b) Delete VLC's configuration files.( all files related to VLC)


    b) Upgrade your Video Card. ( Check you Video Card or its driver)


    c) Disable Overlay Video Output.


    d) Change Video Output Module.


    Now Re-install and try to play.