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First time trying to upload a book on itunes bookstore. My mac is 10.4.11 and so I had to download itunes producer 2.2 (136) version for compatibility's sake.


While entering all the information, came across this errors:


Record Reference   Missing record field: Record Reference


ISBN-13                  Missing record field: ISBN 13


Cover Art - which I still need to upload.


But the record reference and ISBN 13 errors redirect to the main page to the ISBN-13 field.


Now I know that keeping the book as free on the bookstore means I do not have to provide a ISBN, which is what I am doing.


I have kept Physical Price list: $0.0 and Price Tier: Tier 0 (free)


Then why do I keep getting this error message.



itunes producer 2.2, Mac OS X (10.4.11)