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I need help please.

A few day ago I startup up my iMac and only a folder with a question mark was shown in the screen.


I boot from the Lion DVD, run disk utility but the only drive I get was the DVD and disk1/Mac OS X Base System.


I turned off the computer and next morning I turned on agian and this time with no problems, I use it for a few days with no problems but yesterday it happens again...


I do run disk utility again onlu turn it off, and this morning I tried to turn it on again, but the same foder appears...I run disk utility (get the DVD and disk1) and turn it off for a few hours.


Now I'm praying that when I'm back from work I could turn it on with no problems.



What I should do ? Is there any 3rd party tools that I can try do use to solve this issue ?



Many thanks!


PS: when the iMac started up with no problems I run disk utility and made a repair disk to the mac HD...

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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