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there was an old Dutch credit card linked to my App Store

now I want to link my new Suisse credit card to the App Store

but it says

"this methos of payment is not accepted"

and also says postal code is wrong (the Swiss postal codes are different form the Dutch.

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    Carolyn Samit Level 10 Level 10 (89,580 points)

    Hi ..


    "this methos of payment is not accepted"  and also says postal code is wrong



    May have to do more with your location...


    Your credit or debit card credentials must be associated with the same country where you reside.


    "Although you can browse the iTunes Store in any country without being signed in, you can only purchase content from the iTunes Store for your own country. This is enforced via the billing address associated with your credit card or other payment method that you use with the iTunes Store, rather than your actual geographic location."

    From here >  The Complete Guide to Using the iTunes Store | iLounge Article


    Billing policies are the same for the iTunes as welll as the Mac App Store.

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    yes clear


    how do I direct my Iphone to the Suisse App Store ??

    since when I want to update mu existing Apps, my iPhone apparently does not go to the Suisse App store

    because all the  while I get the message,

    'you can only use the Suisse store"

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    Dah•veed Level 7 Level 7 (30,305 points)

    You need to update your account and change the country/region to reflect your new location in Switzerland. You will new the same qualifications as with your former bank card. You need a qualifying bank card from a local Swiss bank with a Swiss billing address.


    On your iPhone Go to Settings/Store and tap your account. Choose to view account. In you account tap country/region and fill in your new information.