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I've got a 3 year warrenty and I am completely dissatisfied with my 15" 2011 macbook pro, I payed £1,500 for a computer that can't run windows without giving me errors about how my Ram isn't installed properly and is getting slower and slower everytime I boot it.


I bought it less than a year ago and is getting really bad now, I'm having to use my mum's computer because it is unusable. Apple support guys on the live chat dance around the question "Can I get a refund under my warranty?" and just say that I can go to the nearest apple store (which is 100 miles away (literally)) and get it fixed.

I've defragged my disc, reinstalled OSX and windows, updated my drivers, heck I've even tried new RAM chips, nothing's working.


Is there some loophole in my warranty that allows me to get a full refund for it so I can buy a PC instead?

MacBook Pro, Windows 7, 6490m GPU (the base 2011 15")