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I got an old Power Mac G4 Quicksiver 2002 a little while back and I decided to upgrade it a little bit as a pet project. One of the things I did was add an Airport Card so I could get wifi. I read all about 802.11b and WPA2 and all that, and I can't say I understood it all, but what I think I DID get was this: The old airport card cannot connect to a WPA2 network. (right?) I looked at the settings for my router, and it said it was on "WPA2/WPA Mixed Mode." I thought it would work. When I went to connect, it said "WPA Network Needs a Password. I put in my password, and after trying to connect for a little while, it said "Connection timed out." Right now I am connected to the "guest" network, which needed no password. Just to test, I changed the encryption to just WPA, not mixed mode. It stopped my PC from getting wifi, and still didn't work on the Mac. I got it to work by putting NO password, but I really don't want that. Should I try to change it to WEP? I'm not really a tech type of person, especially not with wifi stuff,  I'm kind of just stumbling around with Google...


The router is a Linksys  E2500 router.



AirPort Card Information:


  Wireless Card Type:          AirPort

  Wireless Card Locale:          USA

  Wireless Card Firmware Version:          9.52

  Current Wireless Network: {other network name}

  Wireless Channel:          11


Is there any way to connect to the password protected network?

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8), Airport Card
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