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I received my new IPAD 2 weeks ago and it unfortunately overheats while i am playing with it.


Can anyone tell me what to do when such a thing happens ?

iPad Wi-Fi + 4G, iOS 5.1
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    Make an appointment with your local apple store and take it in. Some have reported having battery drain etc fixed by taking it in and having the Genius Bar look at it. There seems to be a software upgrade/firmware tweak that helps with battery issues.

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    Hi all!


    Another new iPad from the Week 10 production batch (black, 64 gig, wifi only) that gets too uncomfortably hot...and I'm only reading! Going to visit the genius bar for the first time ever this morning! I've never had a problem with any of my Apple products since 1996! So, I guess I've had a good run! Lol!

    I don't mind a little warmth, but this is hot hot heat that I can feel through my thick Moshi case.

    I have a few friends that bought the new iPad and don't have the heat issue. Both of their iPads are white, 64 gig.

    Hopefully Apple will exchange my iPad!!



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    Try this....


    Run the ipad battery down until the unit shut off.

    Wait an hour


    When charge is 20% restore the ipad's OS

    Continue to charge until full


    It has been reported that this seems to reduce/eliminate the issue

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    Simple Solution,

    1.)  Do a battery drain, recharge,

    2.) Enter DFU mode and do a clean install of the latest OS. (DFU - Connect to iTunes while its on, hold both the power and home for 10 secs, or more, then release the power and continue holding the home,  "you would know it you are in DFU mode if nothing appears on the iPad yet iTunes has detected an iPad in recovery mode") - (don't do recovery mode because errors remain most of the time)


    It worked for me, Apple has to recalculate the formula for calculatiing the battery on the new iPad.


    *Also if Apple is reading, double check the multitasking, app switching  option, its buggy.