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Hi all,


I just found out that I got a strange rule "allow ip rom any to any" at the bottom of rule set. I wonder that where this one came from? Is it safe and how to delete it?


Thanks!Screen Shot 2012-04-13 at 4.53.32 PM.png

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    From your screenshot, it appears that rule should have zero effect due to the rule just before it which denies ip from any to any.


    I have found the command-line tools to work much better than Server Admin's GUI firewall page.


    sudo su root, then


    edit: /etc/ipfilter/ipfw.conf  to set your firewall rules


    ipfw show   command lists currently loaded firewall rules.

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    But after edit file, can you use Server Admin's GUI to control firewall anymore? I read some where that GUI will not display any change we made in ipfw.conf, is it true?