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I have an Epson SX600 printer, of which the software can't be found when Apple does the automated thing. However, it is part of the 1.4 gig that you can download from this site. Once unpacked, how does one actually install the driver for the printer? There's a long list. But how do I make System Prefernce actually go look in that directory, instead og going online? It states in System Preference that Apple has the software and it can be downloaded, but once I try that, it comes back with a message that the software/driver is NOT available for download.


I keep going around in circles...


So: I now have the drivers downloaded in a package of 1.4 gig. Those are placed in my Library on my "Macintosh" folder.

How do I connect the driver to the printer in System Preference?


Thanks a milion!



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Epson Stylus SX600