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Morning,  I just purchased the above LG BR writer for my 2010 Mac 17", 10.7.3, Lion,  which was recommended by the apple support guy who is now stationed at the best buy.   he said it would work and even recommended downloading Toast to go with it once installed, to make the HD movies from the grandsons football year look even better.  so, here is my question, i hooked it all up, slipped in the disk and it just sits there...not sure where to go to from there, it does not automaticaly install.  if i double click the disk on the desktop, i get the following folders...autorun, autorun inf, cms, and supermultiblu.ico....still lost...can you please assist and if possible, make it really simple....thank you as always.  dan

IMAC, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    Here is the website for the product you bought:




    It shows this for system requirements:


    Screen Shot 2012-04-15 at 9.26.40 AM.png

    Do you run Windows?If not, I'd suggest you return it and buy something that is compatible with a Mac. There is also the problem of Macs not supporting blu-ray - not sure if the latest Toast version can produce true BR quality.


    Also, please update your profile: are you really running Leopard (in your profile)? And there is no 2010  17" model.

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    THank you for the information, it is sad when an apple guy tells you the wrong info, but, it happens.  i will return the burner.  I tried to find the GP10 at Best Buy and Microcenter and even on the LG website, but it is not listed.  I did find reviews about ASUS.  I knew that it said it worked with windows and nothing on the box says MAC, but the aplle guy insisted that it would work and even showed me some discussion groups on it, of course i could not locate them, but anyway...I also updated my profile and i hope it is correct, my apologies for that.  once again, thank you all.  dan

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    I'm not entirely sure, but I believe anyone working at Best Buy is a Best Buy employee - possibly some extra training for whatever products they sell, but I don't think it's an Apple employee.


    I haven't looked into blu-ray at all, so I can't recommend any burner - den.thed gave you another link (for a LaCie); you might want to check that. I have a regular LaCie burner which has been great.

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    one last thing... if i don't go with blu ray, can i still get a good burn from idvd, by changing some settings?  of course i am not sure what settings to change... i do know that the HD is a higher quality than what i am used to burning to, hence the possible need for a BR...lastly, would downloading Toast help me any with the quality of the dvd if i decide not to get a BR burner?  all i know is by importing from my HD camcorder into imovie and editing and then burning through idvd, it is so grainy, it is hard to see...and i would like to see the football on a bigger screen than my computer or a laptop.   whatever advice i can get is most appreciated....dan

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    Well, I will share my workflow with you; however, the iMovie version I use mostly is an old one - iMovie HD 6 - it was/is the only one that is lossless meaning there is no loss of quality. So, I shoot in HD - either 720p (one camera) or 1080p (the other camera) - both Canons. I then import the footage into iMovie and edit it there. Also use FCE for layered videos and Livetype to create cool menus/introductions. When done, I export with "expert" settings (highest quality); import into iDVD. When done there, I either "burn" (create) a Video_TS folder to keep all the files for future burns and burn with Toast or burn with iDVD.


    Toast will not help with the quality of the DVD; your camera's quality is the most important thing to begin with. I actually tried the bluray plugin they sold separately and could not find a difference viewing the movie on my 720p TV. If you create any slideshows, do not use the Ken Burns effect - it does not produce good quality movement. I use Photo to Movie for all slideshows and then export that at the highest quality settings to add to my movie.


    I can't check at the moment if the latest version of iMovie allows exporting at expert settings because I'm on another Mac, but you might want to check into the available settings.

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    I did take the burner back and then came up with a another idea...i took some HD video today, and used the software that came with the camera and burned a DVD on my wifes PC, and well, it was crystal clear.  so, here is my dilema...all of the videos that i have of the grandsons football are on a WD Ext HD formatted for MAC.  what can i do to get them back to my PC?   i read and read the articles about migration, file sharing, ethernet cables, etc, and well, i am just not sure about which is the easiest and fastest.   There are about. 100 gigs of the original footage on the WD drive, and roughly 30 gigs of the edited versions on my Mac/Lion/10.7.3.  i can live with the ones on the WD,for now but how can i get the ones on my mac to the PC.  I also have another PC Ext HD if that helps any.  if you can assist i would be most appreciative, and of course the simpler the better.  thanks.  dan

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    Presuming you have enough available ports (and that, Win ext. HDD has enough space to accept all the transferred data eg. 100Gb + 30Gb) - connect both external hard drives to your Mac (since it can read *both* formats), then, simply copy the video data (drag'n'drop) from the Mac formatted drive to the Windows formatted drive. Caveats to consider would be file naming conventions, depending on format of Windows hard drive [eg. 11characters-file-name.3character-extension] and the limitations of type of Windows format used to originally format the external drive. Many Mac Users forget to add the 3 character extension to file names (because they don't need to on a Mac), but Windows uses the 3 character extension to basically identify what the file type is. All relatively painless & simple.

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    i must be dumber than a rock.    i hooked up my Windows Maxtor Drive  to my MAC and it has plenty of space available.  Format on the drive is Windows NT File System (NTFS).  My MAC did see the drive and i could look at the pictures that were stored on it.  I tried the drag and drop from the Mac HD to the Windows HD but no go.   As far as extensions, i am not really sure what that means.  I saw no opportunity to add any extensions and the only thing on my Windows HD was folders with pictures.   Now, here is something strange...I was able to drag and drop from my Window HD to my Mac HD....but not the other way around which is what i want...why was i able to do that? 

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    This happened because Mac Os supports read only from NTFS and can support write if you use some third party plugins. Alternatively, you can format your HD to fat32 which is fully supported by both OSs. However, the maximum partition size is 32gb, so you need to create multiple partitions to occupy the whole available space. Another solution is to find an application for windows that can read Mac file system.