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How do I send a group email. I have transferred my contacts from my laptop.....group is showing on list of contacts, but when I click on it I see the list of contacts and can't seem to email the whole list at once.

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    App store.   Group e mail.

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    HI, I am afraid you will need an app for that. There are various alternatives available on the App Store.


    Most can only send email from their own custom app, but "MailShot Pro" is the first to create special group contacts which you can use like a regular contact from most of your favourite apps. Because it works from the standard Mail app too, its the only way to forward an email to a group of contacts with all attachments intact. It has the ability to rapidly import your existing address book groups, select contacts from a checklist, or to add contacts manually without going via your address book.


    You can find it on the App Store here: “MailShot Pro” or read more about it at http://solubleapps.com/mailshot/. If you need any help settting it up, our support pages or email can help.


    A free version is also available to try, restricted to much smaller groups.



    Soluble Apps


    Full Disclosure: I am the developer of MailShot Pro and may benefit from its sale.