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Suddenly tonight, using my MBP by itself(no keyboard or external trackpad) Ihad devilish time using.

-Trackpad was much less responsive to clicking. Had to firmly press,to get click or couble click

-The cursor also acted weird. It did not readily move the scroll bar, often the cursor seemed to make a window stick, that is, I clicked on a window and then could not move my mouse off the window; moving the mouse also moved the window. The cursor seemed to catch on to widow elements which became highlighted but not selected.

I checked preferences, etc could not find a reason for this behavior.

-The delete key, used to back space also did not always work.

- Cursor, on the desktop, when moved, left faint line or translucent rectangle which disappears if I click on something


-I hooked up hte MBP to my large external monitor, using external apple keyboard and all is well, while leaving the MBP open.

IF I go ito clamshell mode, the peculiar cursor behavior (leaving faint, line or sheer box shape on the desktop is again apparemt


Any idea what is causing this?

Mac OS X (10.7.3), Hubby'siMac 20" 2009 ,10.6.6. 2 Gig RAM