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Brian Krusic Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

Hi all,


I've got a lot of Xserve Raid gear and am putting some of it to use again.


I'm planning to use it in a small SAN via Lion Server and its bundled XSAN software.


But, I was wondering were to get the latest firmware and Raid Admin Tools to manage the stuff?


I have 3 units with 750GB drives and plenty of spare gear.  Still works like a champ and would like to get 2 more years out of it.  Just cleaned the **** out of it in fact.


Got the Qlogic switch that it came with as well, had to replace all 4 of its fans so its workin like a champ.


Thanks in advance for any helpful hints or suggestions.


Its too bad Apple got out of the server class hardware biz, man the stuff ran pretty well and looked a lot better then my other enterprise warez.


- Brian