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I'm new to Motion and trying to build my first projects. When I open Motion, my canvas is white instead of black (doesn't matter what kind of project I choose), and any image added that has either black or white exibits what looks like a funky blending mode. Black is invisible, and any white looks almost solarized or turns to a blue color.


I've verified that my canvas is set to display colors or rgb, so I'm not looking at an alpha channel. I can't find any blend modes that aren't already set to normal. I am running dual monitors, but from a single card, and Motion is in the main window. I did disconnect the second monitor to see if that helped, but the problem persisted. I'm running the latest versions of Lion and Motion. I've got a Xeon Mac Pro with 12 GB ram.


Any ideas to help this poor Motion newb?!

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)