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I am trying to pair up my iPad 3 with my laptop but I'm asked to input the Pin on the iPad to pair successfully. I have no idea what the pin might be. Any tips?

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    On the iPad, pairing is done with bluetooth accessory like a keyboard. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4111


    Your laptop is not a bluetooth device.


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    It has been posted often that Apple does not allow the iPad to be connected to a Windows PC over the Bluetooth protocols when using iTunes.


    This is the purpose of bluetooth on an iPad. Bluetooth on the iPad is for connecting wireless keyboards, headphones, wireless speakers and some gaming uses bluetooth.


    If you are saying that the iPad is not connected to your home WiFi network, that is something totally different.

    Apple-Support-iPad WiFi Assistant

    Tap on Wifi in the iPad settings and turn it on. See if it finds your network and if so, tap on it, enter the password and then tap join.


    Unitl your iPad is connected to your WiFi network - you have to sync with iTunes by connecting the iPad to the computer with the cable - in order to transfer content from your iTunes library to the iPad. iTunes is the "vehicle" that transports the content to the iPad. You cannot just drag and drop content onto the iPad from your computer.

    iOS: Syncing with iTunes

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    Thank you both for the quick response. I understand now.