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    Alan Green Level 2 Level 2 (265 points)

    Yeah, that's actually the same with me as I use a Dell U3011 at 2560x1600 resolution. To be honest I can't really test it not using an external monitor as that's the way I work and as these interuptions are totally random then I'm unable to see.


    But, with that said I did download and install the 10.6.8 combo update over my current 10.6.8 installation and *touch wood* everything appears to be running okay and has been for the past week.


    If you're interested here's another message I started https://discussions.apple.com/message/17978032#17978032

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    Peter Jones12 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Alan, thanks for the tip.  I tried installing the 10.6.8 combo update as you suggested, and it was working well for about a week and a half, but then I got two more of these same WindowServer crashes yesterday and today.  *sigh*

  • 17. Re: WindowServer crash and freeze
    Alan Green Level 2 Level 2 (265 points)

    Yep, same happened with me! All was working well for a week or so and then I had the same thing happen the other day. I think a trip the Apple store is required. All very frustrating though as it's not something we can simply make happen. At least there's the crash logs that the Genius Bar guys can look at and hopefully conclude that there's an issue with the hardware.

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    Fazza_ Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi all,


    I'm on Lion (10.7.4) and am having the same issues. Has this been resolved?


    Much appreciated,




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    Alan Green Level 2 Level 2 (265 points)

    I ended up taking my 2012 MBP to the Apple Store and they replaced the logic board. This was only a few days ago. So far no crashes but as previously mentioned, it was so random that it did crash that I'll wait a few weeks before saying that the new logic board has resolved the issue.

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    Fazza_ Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey Alan,


    Yes, I do think it's a graphics card issue. However, I sincerely hope that I won't have to take my new Macbook Pro in for a repair - I live in Darwin, Australia and there is no Apple Store within about 2000 km's. Only 'certified' repairers and I've had my fair share of dodgy experiences with them ...


    Best wishes,




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    Loner T Level 2 Level 2 (150 points)

    15-inch Mid 2010 MBP on Lion 10.7.4. Replaced logic board. Connections to external displays still cause random display corruptions and Screen Saver crashes as well as Windows Manager crashes. Going back to a 'Login' screen also does not help much, but does help a bit.


    Most of my crashes have been in com.apple.GeForceGLDriver, for example,


    3   com.apple.GeForceGLDriver    0x00000002000b4980 0x200000000 + 739712
    4   com.apple.GeForceGLDriver    0x00000002000b4a59 0x200000000 + 739929
    5   com.apple.opengl              0x00007fff89999117 CGLFlushDrawable + 65


    This is very consistent and occurs every few days to sooner. Going back to the Apple store and asking for the replacement did not address the issue in my specific case. Loathe to go back to the store unless it becomes more frequent.


    My last reboot was 13 days ago, almost ready for one in a day or two.

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    Fazza_ Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Could it have to do with any apps/tools running in the background?


    I've got the following in my Login Items list:









    Default Folder X


    MicrosoftMouseHelper (installed by xGestures)

    gfxCardStatus (only because of this issue so the problem existed before installing this tool)


    Apart from that, I've got the following installed:


    Microsoft Intellipoint (Driver for Intellimouse Optical)





    Here's a list of 'My Processes':


    362 1PasswordAgentEric0.0530.9 MBIntel (64 bit)
    524 Activity MonitorEric4.0332.4 MBIntel (64 bit)
    307 Address BookEric0.0287.4 MBIntel (64 bit)
    360 AirPort Base Station AgentEric0.032.1 MBIntel (64 bit)
    346 AppleMobileDeviceHelperEric0.0319.1 MBIntel (64 bit)
    336 AppleSpell.serviceEric0.024.6 MBIntel (64 bit)
    345 athEric0.064.1 MBIntel (64 bit)
    341 athEric0.044.1 MBIntel (64 bit)
    368 BackTrackBAEric0.0434.1 MBIntel (64 bit)
    332 com.apple.dock.extraEric0.0212.3 MBIntel (64 bit)
    328 cookiedEric0.021.8 MBIntel (64 bit)
    378 Default Folder X HelperEric0.0210.8 MBIntel
    124 distnotedEric0.084.6 MBIntel (64 bit)
    312 DockEric0.0377.9 MBIntel (64 bit)
    315 FinderEric0.08101.9 MBIntel (64 bit)
    318 fontdEric0.025.3 MBIntel (64 bit)
    366 gfxCardStatusEric0.0229.2 MBIntel (64 bit)
    331 imagentEric0.0210.1 MBIntel (64 bit)
    311 iTunesEric0.420195.4 MBIntel (64 bit)
    335 iTunes HelperEric0.034.1 MBIntel (64 bit)
    373 JumpcutEric0.0212.4 MBIntel
    361 KeyRemap4MacBookEric0.0431.1 MBIntel (64 bit)
    119 launchdEric0.022.1 MBIntel (64 bit)
    276 loginwindowEric0.0221.0 MBIntel (64 bit)
    308 MailEric0.012175.1 MBIntel (64 bit)
    159 mdworkerEric0.0439.9 MBIntel (64 bit)
    371 Microsoft Database DaemonEric0.0312.8 MBIntel
    377 MicrosoftMouseHelperEric0.1214.8 MBIntel (64 bit)
    370 MoomEric0.7226.0 MBIntel (64 bit)
    309 pboardEric0.011.0 MBIntel (64 bit)
    374 PresButanEric0.0214.6 MBIntel (64 bit)
    522 Quick Look HelperEric0.046.6 MBIntel (64 bit)
    375 QuicksilverEric0.0342.5 MBIntel (64 bit)
    306 SafariEric0.114158.8 MBIntel (64 bit)
    325 Safari Web ContentEric0.412249.3 MBIntel (64 bit)
    310 SkypeEric0.027154.4 MBIntel
    513 System PreferencesEric0.02271.4 MBIntel (64 bit)
    314 SystemUIServerEric0.1226.2 MBIntel (64 bit)
    313 talagentEric0.0218.5 MBIntel (64 bit)
    367 TextExpanderEric0.4858.7 MBIntel (64 bit)
    383 TextExpander HelperEric0.0224.3 MBIntel (64 bit)
    384 TotalFinderCrashWatcherEric0.027.6 MBIntel (64 bit)
    372 TricksterEric0.0260.6 MBIntel (64 bit)
    299 UserEventAgentEric0.0310.6 MBIntel (64 bit)
    352 warmd_agentEric0.021.9 MBIntel (64 bit)
    376 xGesturesEric0.6413.0 MBIntel
    527 xpchelperEric0.024.6 MBIntel (64 bit)


    Anyone have any of these apps running that they think may be causing any trouble?






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    Fazza_ Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    It happened again when I hit the 'Save As' command in Word 2008. This is extremely frustrating as I am working on a journal article and the random logout does not allow Word to do an autosave on crash and thus an auto recovery.


    I am now running in Safe Mode to get some actual work done. Please Apple, look into this. I have paid $3700 for this machine and I cannot use it for my work!!!

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    Loner T Level 2 Level 2 (150 points)

    Given your situation, Eric, my suggestion is to contact Apple support and ask them to see if they will provide a replacement laptop via mail when you send in your machine for repairs. Since most of the Australian stores are on the southern coasts, Apple may do that. In my case, Apple Geniuses kept the laptop for a week to order a replacement logic board and run tests prior and post-replacement to make sure there was nothing else wrong.


    I luckily have an older Early 2008 MBP that I use as a backup machine.


    One thing that puzzles me is what machine model you have.


    My Mid-2010 MBP is considered one with issues, but Alan's post mentions a 2012 MBP, which should not be part of this issue. Is your machine more recent than 2010?


    I have most of the applications you mention. I also run Office 2011 for Mac, not Office 2008 as you mention.


    Message was edited by: Loner T


    PS: May I also suggest that you try OpenOffice, even though I suspect your crashes are unlikely to disappear.


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  • 25. Re: WindowServer crash and freeze
    Fazza_ Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am already in conversation with Apple support. Their current suggestion is to run in Safe Mode and see if the problem happens there too. However, I simply need so many tools to work efficiently. I can see a long process with re-installs etc. coming. I hate this BS. All I need is someone who can read console logs. I'm 99% certain that the anser is in there.


    Anyway, I've got the newest Retina Macbook Pro, 2.6 GHz, 16GB RAM, 768GB SSD. All software, firmware and OS are on the latest versions as far as i am aware.


    And yes, I've got a 2009 MBP as a backup, however, creating images with SuperDuper and then running off that costs a lot of time.


    I'm just baffled by the non-response from Apple. There are numerous threads on this topic and the only commonality is that it has something to do with either the graphics card, driver, automatic switching or video in general.

  • 26. Re: WindowServer crash and freeze
    Loner T Level 2 Level 2 (150 points)

    You have the latest machine, and such problems point to NVidia Graphics. I use gfxCardStatus v2.2.1. Can you get the machine out of safe mode and make the graphics 'Integrated Only' and monitor the stability of the system. Apple's love for NVidia is very strange, knowing that it has caused them much grief. I personally prefer AMD Radeons, but 'grass is always greener on the other side'.


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    Jonny12346 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hay, ive being having the same probelem and have you had a moniter hooked up to it, because since i got my moniter connected, it started with this issue and i think alot of other people have found the same problem.

  • 28. Re: WindowServer crash and freeze
    Fazza_ Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Despite everything I've been saying above, the Apple support actually did figure out the problem. It was one of the third party applications that was running in the background.


    The support crew asked me to temporarily remove/rename the launchagents and launchdemons folders in the various ../libraries/ folders (don't ask me if that was under Macintosh HD, System or User, it's over half a year now since I did this). So if anyone is having the same problem, try renaming these folders one by one. Once you've identified in which folder the offending third party application sits, delete each demon/agent one by one.


    If I remember correctly, for me it was a ******* called KeyRemap4MacBook. Could be because I used an older version, though ...


    Good luck!



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