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I've recently set up Lion Server and was able to import my filters from my old mail server (Zimbra), as both use Sieve. Most filters are working (and all were working OK on Zimbra); however, I'm having issues with simple sender filters on some rules, where the filter is not being processed.


I have a filter near the top of my list for mail from Amazon; the rule is if the From field contains amazon.com, move the message into a sub-folder, then stop rules processing. I have a similar filter near the bottom of my list for mail from a client and neither are executing, while other similar filters (the only difference being the sub-folder destination) work fine.


Is there anything I can do to debug this? I see the implementation on Lion doesn't allow right-clicking on a message and running its filter (as it's not AJAX, like Zimbra) and I haven't been able to find a processing log.