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Follow up to my music question yesterday. Sorry to be dense, but, I now know from Demo that if I remove songs from my iPad that were synced from my PC I will not lose them on my PC when I sync again.

BUT, when I sync again to my PC after removing some songs from my iPad, will those songs reload onto my iPad ? Do I need to remember which songs I deleted from my iPad and "untick" them on iTunes on PC?

Thanks Kathryn

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    kathrynfromcarp wrote:


    BUT, when I sync again to my PC after removing some songs from my iPad, will those songs reload onto my iPad ?

    If you do not "untick" the songs in the music tab in iTunes, yes the songs will sync again to the iPad.

    Do I need to remember which songs I deleted from my iPad and "untick" them on iTunes on PC? 

    Technically - you don't have to remember which songs you removed because even though those songs will sync to the iPad again, you can simply "untick" them and then sync again. But the ideal way would be to make a list of all of the content that you want to remove so that you are not guessing.


    One way or the other though, you will ultimately have to untick the songs to deselect them and then sync or the music will be loaded back onto the iPad when you sync.


    Once you have set up the sync configuration the way that you want it with regard to music - or any content for that matter - iTunes will remember the configuration the next time that you sync so you will not have to untick anything again - as long as you don't want to remove any other content.


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    If you have Sync Music selected under the Music tab for your iPad sync preferences with iTunes, select sync only checked songs and videos under the Summary tab for your iPad sync preferences with iTunes followed by selecting Apply.


    This should deselect the songs in your iTunes library that are removed from your iPad with the next sync so the songs are not re-transferred to your iPad.

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    Thanks Demo. You are right I need to make a list, fortunately I have not gotten too far thru he alphabet on iPad removal!

    You mention configuring the iTunes syncing, are there different ways to sync?

    Believe it or not I am learning, just seem to run into a few things now and then that I am not sure of.

    Many thanks K.

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    Thanks Allan.


    But, ok, so when I look at the oc iTunes, music ........I usually select sync music, selected playlists, artists , albums etc. then, I have a LONG list of albums.

    But when I look at the music on my iPad the lists are not the same. The iPad lists either the albums with then the songs when selected, or the long alphabetical list of songs (from which I have started deleting some songs).

    Is there a way I can get the same list on both devices ?

    What if I tick sync selected playlists etc, then instead of ticking all the albums in hat list I tick" recently added" in the playlists box and deselect all the ticked stuff in the other list. Would that sync only the new stuff added instead of all the stuff over and over again?

    Hope this makes sense?

    Thanks Kathryn

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    First of all - Allan Sampson made a very good point about your issue. I actually sync the way that he suggested and just didn't think about it. What I suggested does work as well, but his method is more direct.


    From the very beginning, I have never used auto sync with iTunes. I have always initiated the sync on my own - after I go through all of the various tabs in iTunes and select the content that I want. It's not that I change or remove content every time that I sync, but I just prefer this method.


    This might not be a bad way for you to get started. Launch iTunes and go to Edit>Preferences>Devices. check the box at the bottom - prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from  syncing automatically. Click OK.


    Now you can connect the iPad to your computer, launch iTunes, click on the iPad name under the Devices heading on the left sidebar of iTunes and set up your sync configuration. In the Summary pane of iTunes - as Allan described above - I have select the option to Sync only select songs and videos. You can see what I mean in this screen shot.


    Screen Shot 2012-04-17 at 8.49.26 PM.png

    Now go into each tab - Apps, Music, Photos and so on - and select the content that you want to put on the iPad. for music - my iPad configuration looks like this.

    Screen Shot 2012-04-17 at 8.58.25 PM.png

    I have chosen to only sync selected songs and videos so only the checked content will sync. You can do this in all of the other tabs as well. When you have the sync configuration set up the way you want it, click on Apply in the lower corner of iTunes to lock in that sync configuration


    When you are done syncing and have ejected the iPad - you can go back to auto syncing if you prefer to use that method. Just go back through the steps fro above to turn it back on.


    If you do not auto sync - remember that the iPad will not automatically sync over WfI  either as long as auto sync is turned off.


    These are all good reading for you.

    Apple - Support - iPad - Syncing

    iOS: Syncing with iTunes

    iOS: How to transfer or sync content to your computer

    iTunes: Syncing media content to iOS devices and iPod

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    Ok, so I did all that. Now my list that titled albums, always has ticks except for the songs I just have added since last sync. So, with this new way you have described, should I untick these and only tick the songs I want to add? I just wrote a reply to Allan, describing what I see on PC and iPad, (before I got your reply), if you read this I said that my "lists" on iPad versus PC are different, iPad with all the songs listed, PC with albums or artists not the individual songs . So not easy to apply one to the other to view what's there, if you know what I mean.


    I have been loading All my CDs onto PC so I can store away the CDs and play music thru my Bose remotely as well as sync some to iPad. I have loaded almost 10 GB onto PC so just don't want to screw up:)


    I promise tomorrow I will do more homework and read the info you suggested.

    Thanks again, Kathryn