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Im running Windows XP. Im not sure which version of Itunes I was running (havent updated in a while) and when I booted it before I would get a little box that would come up saying something about windows and some devices may not work blah blah, you just click continue, and everything actually works just fine, I have an ipod that I use Itunes to put music on.


Anyways, I got the Iphone 4 today and tried to plug it in, no go, I need to have the most up to date version of itunes.


Okay, so I go download 10.6 (which by the way you cant do with google chrome for some reason, the bar on the right where you input your email and clock download is displayed as a webpage that chrme could not find)


So download it with Firefox.


Complete the download, check off launch Itunes when installer is finished.


Doesnt Launch.

Click on it from the menu, nope

Click on it from the desktop short cut, nothing.


Repair using the control panel. Nope

Un install, re install. Nope


Un install, delete the folder, delete all install files ect.



Same thing,

Im stuck.



Note: the only info i could get on apples support was to also make sure windows was up to date and it is.

iPhone 4, Windows XP