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I've been studying these threads for a couple of days now because I'm having so many crippling problems. All of the problems below have been going on at some low level for a long time but they are all now happening frequently.  I have checked for updates and everything is up to date. I have a MacBook and Mac OS X 10.7.3.


My Wi Fi gets dropped and displays "a connection timeout occured". I deleted all the keys in the key chain and I changed router numbers based on these threads but the problem continues. My Wi Fi is from Verizon. It is not the Apple Wi Fi. I can see the little box w/ all it's lights green or blue when this happens.


Safari is very slow and I reset safari every thing but saved names and passwords and it is still slow.


The system is really slow to start up and I forget what I did for this but something that was recommended here and it is still slow


My mouse pad and key board behave very erractically and the mouse bar/button sometimes does not work at all. I blew compressed air over all the keys and took out the battery and blew air all aroud the bottom of the mouse pad. There has been no damage to my knowledge and there is no visible damage.


Just writing out this SOS is difficult.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.3)