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    doxnam Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Just thought I would give everyone an update on my experience with the Black screen issue


    I have a Macbook Pro 2010 i7 and it started to have black occasional black screens around 12 months ago. The first time I noticed it was when I tried to plug in a projector and it just locked up and went black. No messages, just black and I had to hard restart and it has progressed from there to randomly happening up to 4 times a day.


    I have visited the Apple Store 3 times to explain the issue and we tried everything, from incrementally uninstalling software, complete reinstall etc.


    Today I took it in again, (4th time and expecting to have to pay for a new Logic Board..) explained the issue and the woman behind the counter said,

    "ohhh so you're not getting the standard Kernel panic message (Something went wrong..), your just getting a black screen.."

    I said "YES!!"

    "Well in that case" she said, "we have a Test Program we can run to test if the Logic board was damaged during manufacturing and if it fails we will replace it."

    Guess what, they tested it, it failed, and now I have a new Logic Board.


    So here is what I suggest you do if you are having similar issues..


    • Make an appointment at your local Apple retail Genius Bar
    • Explain the issue and be clear that you are not seeing any message when the computer crashes (if this is what happens..)
    • Say that you have heard that some Logic Boards have had issues and that there may be a test they can run to see if it is covered.
    • Then cross your fingers!!


    Hope that helps


    Cheers Dan

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    Hi all


    Just to add that as all of you I have this damned black screen since recently.


    Same config as many of you Macbook Pro mid-2010 15".


    I bought my MBP to a reseller with an guarantee extension so I hope that I wouldn't have to pay something.


    My latest test I done just to "be sure" that it's not coming from softwares (I read the posts about solution proposed by Apple on reinstallation of Lion because they think the issue came from apps), I bought an new hard disk (bigger than the current installed one) then done on it a clean install of Lion... just after I finished the install and have time to install 1 app... black screen and automatic restart fo my mbp...


    I really think that a change of logic card is the only solution.


    I am going to see quickly now my reseller to see with him how to sort this issue


    Hope that helps





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    I dropped my MBP at Fedex yesterday evening, and it arrived at the Memphis repair center at 5:14AM this morning. I just checked the repair status, and it showed repair complete-return pending. Ive not received any email from Apple, so I dont have further details yet....But if they infact are returning it repaired ALREADY, I couldnt be more pleased...Fingers are crossed that it will be 100% when its gets here, and this problem will be gone for good....

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    Herrin811 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Its back already!!!



    Repair ticket was quite surprising....MLB replaced, notes say old MLB could not detect optical drive-thats a surprise because Ive never noticed any problems with my superdrive...


    Hard drive replaced...Again, surprising as I havent had any trouble, but the repair ticket indicated formatting problems...


    3rd was a defective cable/bracket-replaced



    So now I have a new MLB and a new HD with a fresh install of Lion. So now to restore my files get back in business. I think I will install my apps fresh, rather than import them. And my fingers are crossed that the black screen issue will be dead and gone....

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    After almost 3 months, another happy ending story.


    I live in Mannheim, Germany. I have a mid-2010 15 inches which presented the same symptoms as everyone described here: random blackscreens out of no specific reason.


    I took my Mac Book 15" for the first time to an authorized seller (Gravis Mannheim) and at first they ran the basic diagnostics, but not specifically the VST. It passed, but they said they would take a look at it anyways. They could not reproduce the issue, so they returned me the mac.


    Certain that I had the problem, I came up with a way to reproduce the issue consistently. It took basically opening 3 HD MOV videos in Quick Time, then launching and running the Cinebench (http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/20748/cinebench) tool while the videos were running. Then while everything was ongoing, switching desktops swiping 3 fingers up and down eventually caused it to freeze. I wrote a procedure with these steps, burned a CD with Cinebench, went back to Gravis and explained everything. Two weeks later they called me and told me that they could not reproduce the issue with their tools, and that my procedure was unacceptable as a diagnostics because it put too much stress on the CPU and the GPU (!!!!!!).


    I went back to the store, explained that this discussion thread existed, showed them all the evidence and they finally were able to run the VST. As it turns out, the VST is not immediatelly available when they launch their diagnostics tool for the first time. It only shows on the second consecutive time when you launch the diagnostics. Then they ran the VST and the infamous big red FAILED came up. Then they said they would take a look at it again and they finally replaced the MLB.


    I took the Mac Book home, and in the first minutes of usage the computer just froze, and when I tried booting up I would get 3 beeps, indicating memory problems.


    I thought it could be only a reseating case, so I did reseat the sticks over and over again. It didnt do it. I then bought brand new memory from Corsair and tried it again. Nothing... Then I went on to try to isolate which memory sticks or banks were bad. I found out that my 4 memory sticks were all good, and that bank 1 on the new MLB was at fault.


    I took the computer to Gravis again, informed that the problem was in memory bank 1 and one week later they called me saying that they had replaced the MLB again.


    Since this last replacement, I havent had any issues. It's been so stable that now I can use external monitors (which solely depend on the nvidia GPU, they cant work with the intel graphics), I've ran several full HD videos overnight, and no lockups whatsoever.


    So, my issue is finally fixed, but it wasnt without putting up a long fight and going through a long iterative process.


    I hope everyone else with mid-2010's get their MLBs replaced. It all comes down to running the VST and it showing the big FAILED message on the screen. If this happens, it is definitely the issue that this long discussion is talking about and any apple reseller or store will replace the MLB no questions asked. Now, if the VST passes, then there's probably something else wrong and it wont be considered the same specific issue described here.


    Have a good weekend everyone.



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    denisfromlas vegas Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

       Hi All.


       I'm in the same boat. I just bring my computer with me on NAB convention in Vegas (i'm live in Moscow).

        After about 30 minutes of speaking with "genius" he told me, that if the main test passed, the VST test will pass also. It's not true! I pushed on him and he has launched the VST test, which is FAIL after couple on minutes. Ahha!


       So, after 4 days I took my laptop back with replaced MLB. The second memory bank (BANK1) does not work and I have three beeps on start. The first bank (BANK0) works fine. Now I'm in Moscow and really disappointed.

        What a low quality components? What a high price? What the f*ck, Apple?

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    After trying whatever I found on a software level, I turned in my MBP15 mid-2010 to an Apple Premium Reseller. Also here, the first tests (AST and ASD) did not result into any errors. I had to send them the links to this discussion and eventually, they confirmed the bug.


    I got a new logic board for free and the problem is gone.


    That also means, I'm gone from this thread. Folks, the only solution to the black screen issue is the replacement of the logic board.

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    Hi all


    Just an update, as I gone to my closest Apple Store and after I described the issue and they tested all components (including graphics video card, memory) they concluded that's comig from logic card..


    So I accepted their quote for a change, not yet have my MBP back but hope as other people the problem will be gone


    Once get back my MBP I'll let you confirm all is OK

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    blizzfire Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    I brought my MacBook Pro 15 Inch Mid 2010 again to Apple in Vienna, Austria.

    As mentioned earlier, they replaced my logic board last year the 1st time.


    This time they told me that they have installed a Video update to fix the problem because the VST Test PASSED. I called their technician that performed the firmware update and he told me that Apple replaced the logic boards until about last year in October 2011. Then they decided to update the firmware instead of replacing the logic boards as the technician told me they had customers coming to replace the LB and days later they came back having the same issue (black screen of death).


    I could imagine a firmware that has some bugs and replacing the LB (with a newer version of the firmware installed) might be the same as updating the older (or same?) LBs firmware.


    Lets see if my problem is fixed. I still got another year Apple Care...


    Cheers, BlizzFire

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    I'd like to share my success tale, finally after almost a year worth of trouble with this huge problem!


    I live in Croatia, Europe, and went to one service provide who wasn't able to reproduce the crash and returned the laptop to me. Next, I went to another servicer who has a very experienced man working there. He know of the problem and ran the tests. Oddly enough he was unable to run the VST test on my laptop as apple's software didn't allow it for some reason, but the MRI test failed and that authorised the logic board replacement. I made sure he knew there was a newer revision of the logic board which I got installed and for now, all seems to be working fine! I'll check back here after a month to report my status.


    but from the looks of it, only a logic board replacement solves the prolem.


    my info from the new board:

    nvidia: device ID: 0x0a29, revison ID: 0x00a2, rom version 3560, gMux version 1.9.21

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    blizzfire Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    Just for the sake of interest:

    Do you or somebody else has information about the original NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M system profiler information? I am wondering if there is something different or not.


    Because my system profiler tells me exactly the same as you posted:

    NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M:


      Chipset Model:          NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M

      Type:          GPU

      Bus:          PCIe

      PCIe Lane Width:          x16

      VRAM (Total):          256 MB

      Vendor:          NVIDIA (0x10de)

      Device ID:          0x0a29

      Revision ID:          0x00a2

      ROM Revision:          3560

      gMux Version:          1.9.21


    My Logic Board has been replaced about mid 2011 the first time when the black screen of death problem occured. This time I got my MBP back and they only made a "video firmware update" but I backup up my entire system information first on Dropbox so I can look at it after repairment and it tells me exactly the same!! Even the ROM Revision is the same! When they update the firmware, shouldn't there be a different version somewhere?


    Cheers, Patrick

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    Bog kspes,


    I meni se unazad neko vrijeme dogadja BSOD. MacBook Pro 15 i7 sam kupio krajem 2010 u Americi. Sve se pocelo dogadjati nakon instalacije Liona unazad mjesec i pol. Reci mi molim te koga da kontaktiram u Hrvatskoj i sta da radim. Polako sam ocajan vec...



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    Bok mike982, javi mi se na kspes<et-stavi-ovdje-da-me-ne-gnjave-spammeri>cateia<tocka>com, pa ti prosljedim kontakt od servisera. ja sam ga odnio u apcom servis, ali nažalost, taj se gasi 1.5. što je ono, sada... ali taj serviser se seli u iStyle navodno, pa pošto je upoznat s problemom, najbolje da se njemu obratiš, sigurno će ti moći riješit problem, odnosno ako on nemože, moš se fućkat


    uglavnom, meni je bila identična situacija, samo ja imam 15" i5, nakon liona, ošlo sve vrit.. skoro sam odustao od laptopa, sva sreća da sam uspio na vrijeme do ovog servisa.

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    btw everyone, to make a small report, first two days since the logic board replacement od na mid-2010 15" i5 macbook-pro, everything works flawlessly!