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Why is it that Apple can't get their bluetooth technology right? I cannot connect to my Honda Civic VTI-L 2011 model using the bluetooth? While I can do that using my cheap Nokia phone ($59.00)? I shelled out $380.00 and this is what I get...


It will not even connect to my HP Elitebook 8540P??? Before anyone starts, this is what i have already done:

  1. Installed the latest OS 5.1
  2. Switched on the bluetooth on both device
  3. And they are next to one another


So don't post here saying things that I have already done. Used the Bluetooth technology frequently so those carp from Apple about making sure devices are discoverable blah blah blah...don't even go there.


Will not buy another Iphone and will tell everyone that I know of that it is a piece of overhyped ****.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.1