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As I use my new iPad 3 the screen seems to fluctuate between grey and pink anyone else got this problem

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    Menel Level 2 Level 2 (280 points)

    No, it should not do that.


    I recommend a Genius Bar visit, or Apple Support call.

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    mlapchick Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Unless I'm misunderstanding what you're experiencing, it's perceptual depending on your environment.


    In the daytime, with ambient light (5000K to 6500K) coming from your windows, the screen will look pink. At night time, when the ambient light is from regular household lightbulbs, the grays/whites look correct.


    Does that describe what you're experiencing? If so, it's how apple chose to calibrate their screen (which drives me nuts). Unfortunaltey, there's no way I've been able to find to change the screen's calibration.


    I have the ipad 1 and 3 – calibration is the same on both.


    Sorry – please let us know if you find something and I'll do the same.

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    Thanks for interest, may go to Apple store tomorrow to check it out. if I get any info. will let you know.  I also have ipad 1, but that doesnt seem to present the same problem, may be getting paranoid about 3 as I had expected it to be perfect, costing so much.

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    I'm getting this as well.

    It doesn't have anything to do with the room lighting as it has this odd pink hue with slightest of movement especially noticeable on white or black screens.

    I never had this on iPad 1 or 2 or on my first iPad 3 which had to be replaced.

    I'm taking mine back to apple for a replacement.

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    Hi Took my pink screened ipad3 back to apple, they replaced it after comparing it with new iPad. My replacement had to come from a brown box rather than the white box, apparently if you buy it direct from apple and take it back to an apple store you have to have it from a brown box??  Still so far very glad I made the change, it was well worth the effort of trailing off to a apple shop. Don't suffer it a very expensive toy. Be interested to hear how you get on.

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    Thanks took it back replaced it from brown box which is usually refurbished iPads.

    Got difficult to see the problem as clearly in the apple store come home same problem all whites appear pink!

    Compared against my iPad 2 and iPhone 4 it definetly got a warm pink hue to white backgrounds compared tithe other devices.


    I think I'm gonna have to go and text some display iPad 3's to see of they are all doing the same thing. Before going back again.

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    Dave Marsh Level 2 Level 2 (325 points)

    Yes, the brown boxes are the refurbished units, which may mean simply a returned unit that was checked out and put back in distribution.  Since these units are new, that's more likely than a torn down and rebuilt unit.


    If you're in the initial two week return window, they'll simply pull a new white boxed unit off the shelf.  That's what happened to me when my original new iPad had a smudge UNDER the glass.  When I dropped my replacement iPad a month later, they replaced my damaged unit under my AppleCare+ warranty from a brown box refurbished unit.

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    I had a job seeing the pink screen in the apple showroom, but requested they put the new one side by side with mine with the pink screen, there was no doubt about the pink screen against the new one, so do persevere. I rather wish I had insisted on a new one in a white box (i'd only had mine a few days, )I was so grateful they could see the problem I thought I had to accept the browm box but will settle for this one , which hopefully will remain the great machine I had expected it to be

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    This is exactly what happened to me.  My Ipad worked fine indoors but when outside or car (even worse) the screen turned pink and continued to get darker with time.  I called Apple Care and they claimed they have never heard of this problem and scheduled me a repair time at the Apple Store.  Got to the store, no record of my appt. and had to wait almost an hour, they also claimed that they had never heard of such a problem.  Do they read their own dicussion boards?  I'm sure they do so it irritated me that they claim to not know about this obvious problem with the new Ipad.  They did not give me any problem about swapping it out but refused to give me a new one and had to accept a refurbished replacement.  Was not happy with that but really had no choice. Is this Apple Care silent recall?  Just saying.