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I tried filling in the form at


Though I totally complete the form in both Safari and Firefox, I get the error "Please provide information for all required fields," which I did!

Anyone have problems with this form, or have a better way of obtaining official Apple support for iTunes U Course Manager?


We have an iTunes U site but I can't access it through


I get the error "iTunes Store Account Required", though I have one.

Our site is not public yet, but is protected and accessed through trasfer scripts, which work fine.

Not sure if that makes a difference.

Xserve, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    I am literally having the exact same problem. Same error message on both ends. Have you gotten any help on this?!

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    Frank Fulchiero Level 1 Level 1 (115 points)

    None. I find Apple support to be pitiful for iTunesU administrators, and totally inadequate. An on-line form that does not even work. For a billion-dollars company you figure they would hire someone to support a technology they are pushing. I'm going to go back to my initial contract sign-up contacts, email them and start there. There is a webinar I'm going to try and catch next week, sometimes you can sneak in a question


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    i am having the same issue.  i cannot submit a question to them because it keeps telling me to complete all the required fields; i have completed all the required fields!   Anyone ever get a resolution to this?

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    I was getting the  "iTunes Store Account Required" error as well but have since resolved that. You need to be sure that the AppleID you are using is setup as a iTune Store Account - including supplying credit card information.


    I tried to do this through iTunes store web site but that did not work. I had to launch iTunes, sign in to the store and set up my account that way. (When I signed in with my Apple ID for the first time I had to "review" my account - which included supplying credit card information.)


    Hopefully that helps...


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    Frank Fulchiero Level 1 Level 1 (115 points)

    Hi Ken, thanks for the feedback. Your tip will hopefully help others, but our situation is different, I figured it out from the above webcast, which is probably available on-demand now. BTW, I did not check the defective help web form again, and did log into iTunes to try to get into the Course Manager web page. I have had an AppleID/iTunes Store Account for a long time, associated with our iTunesU site as its admin, and I can log into the site fine through iTunes.

    I believe the problem is that we don't have a public site. We have copyrighted content in our podcasts, and some of the faculty don't want their course material public. So, the only way to get to it is through our local authetication process. High level oveview:

    http://deimos.apple.com/rsrc/doc/iTunesUAdministrationGuide/AdministeringSiteAcc ess/chapter_7_section_3.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/AdminGuide-CH4-SW13


    Course Manager works only on public sites. An additional future complication for us will probably be that, when and if we ever go public, we will have to change the way we manage the public side, there was also an Apple transition a couple of years ago to Public Site Manager, which we have never used.


    Now, with Course Manager, you can have a public course with a "secret" or unpublished URL, this helps with limiting access to copyrighted or private material. You can distribute the URL only to selected individuals, and request they don't share it. However, that is not good enough for us, nor, I believe, for most institutions that want to limit access to content to students enrolled in a course.

    Reading the tea leaves for the future, it seems to me that eventually when the "new" iTunes U matures they will provide some type of authentication, it seems to be a big missing feature for course materials. Not all on-line courses are "open" nor should they all be. Whether authentication will be based on Apple IDs, something else, or the current authentication system is also an unknown. Hopefully they will not depreciate the current one, but there are very few people skilled enough to implement it, imho, which severely limits its use. We were luck enough to find one.

    Thanks for your insights,


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    Thanks for the follow-up. I'm new to iTunes U and Course Manager and your additional insights are appreciated. Your caveats regarding copyrighted material and authentication apply to my situation as well, so apparently I have a lot of homework to do.