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I am having problems finding a "reliable" source for an adapter to allow for a non-apple headset to be used with the iPhone.


Before providing a response to this question, please read the following:


I am somewhat familiar with electronics and have been seeking a solution to this question for quite sometime.


I have purchased several iPhone adapters that allow for a non-apple headset to be connected to the iPhone.


The problem with these adapters is that the people selling them usually do NOT label the specifications of the product correctly.


First of, people are ALWAYS confusing the terms between the terms "headphone" and "headset."


A headphone is a device that features a single or dual speakers (aka earphone(s), earbud(s), etc...).


A headset is a device the features a single or dual speakers AND a microphone.


When testing several "headset" adapters, I have found that the following will occur:


After using the adapter to connected to a non-apple "headset" to the iPhone that I will be only able to hear the person that I am speaking with. In this example the person selling the adapter has mislabeled the product and meant to use the word "headphone."


The other thing that commonly occurs is that after using an adapter to connect a non-apple "headset" to the iPhone that I will be able to hear the person that I am speaking with and the person can hear me...However, the audio the person is hearing from my voice being picked up by the iPhone handset's microphone NOT the microphone of the headset that I have connected to the iPhone.


It is too my understanding that these adapters are somewhat uncommon because of the way that the iPhone's 3.5mm audio jack is wired (4-pin vs. 3-pin).


With that being stated, does anyone know where to find an adapter that allows for:


An external, non-Apple headset with a 2.5mm or 3.5mm connector to be connected the iPhone's 3.5mm audio jack in which I would be able to hear the person I am speaking with via the external headset's speaker(s) and the person that I am speaking with is able to hear me via the external headset's microphone (not the microphone located on the iPhone handset).


I think anybody that finds a good answer for this would benefit a lot of people.


I have ordered some more adapters and will everyone know if I find one as well.



iPhone 4S
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    normal 3.5mm headsets works just fine for listening to audio


    the problem comes when you bring mic into the equetion the std of the jack connector is output only

    so when companys make headset which is IO with input from mic and output for audio

    they all create their own std.

    so no adaptor could work for all ways they handle the mic in

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    Thanks for trying to solve my problem.


    I agree that "normal" 3.5mm headphones (not headsets) work for listening to audio (or listening to the person you are talking with over the phone).


    I am by no means an electronics engineer, but I am very confident that the iPhone 3.5mm jack connector is NOT output only.


    The reason I believe this is that Apple offers a "headset" with remote microphone that connects to the 3.5mm jack. If the iPhone jack didn't support an "input" why would they offer a remote mic. Furthermore, I have used an adapter that allowed for the connection of headset in which the microphone did work. I am just unable to recall the supplier/how I had configured it to work.


    Techincally, you should be able to clip the Apple "headset" with remote microphone cable and wire into a non-Apple headset to have the device's headphones and mic to function. However, this is very labor intensive and can be expensive.

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    I am pleased to inform that I have finally located an iPhone handset adapter that works!


    Oddly, enough it is an accessory that is designed for the Blackberry.


    Provider: www.bberry.com

    Item #HDW15306002

    Price: $9.95


    This adapter allow you to use the microphone of an non-apple headset with the iPhone!

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    I have a related question which you may be able to help with.


    I use my iPhone 4 to tune my guitar. The mic on my headset works fine, but I would like to buy an adapter so I can plug my guitar lead directly into my phone (easier to tune up in noisy envoronments).


    The adapter would need to convert from a 1/4 inch jack down to 3.5mm. It would also need to send the signal to the correct connection in the phone that is used for the mic.


    Ideally, if anyone knows of an already available adapter that would be perfect. If not I will have to get one made, so can anyone tell me which connections on my 4-pin headset do what (ie which is Mic, which is Audio out etc).


    Any help appreciated to save me hiding in the pub toilets to tune up.


    Thanks in advance.



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    This accessory allows for the connection of guitar to a iPad (and most likely an iPhone) via the device's data/sync/charge port: http://www.engadget.com/2011/10/28/apogee-jam-guitar-adapter-review/. The accessory adapter features a 1/4" (6.33mm) so you can plug it directly into the same cable you use to connect your guitar to your amplifier.


    The "blackberry" adapter that I had mentioned in my previous post MAY work for the connection of the guitar to the iPhone's headphone port, but you would have to buy one and try it out.


    Provider: www.bberry.com

    Item #HDW15306002

    Price: $9.95


    I think that it may work because the I know that the adapter is properly "engaging" the microphone pin inside the iPhone.


    The aforementioned adapter is configured as follows:


    3.5mm (male): Connects to iPhone headphone jack

    2.5mm (female): Connects audio source's male 2.5mm connector


    Since your guitar cable is a male 1/4" connector, you would need to also purchase a 6.33mm (1/4") (female) to 2.5mm (male) adapter.


    All and all the connection would run as follows:


    Iphone to Blackberr Adapter (3.5mm (male) to 2.5mm (female)) to Adapter #2 (2.5mm (male) to 6.33mm (female)) to Guitar Cable (6.33mm male to 6.33 (male))


    The aforementioned 6.33mm to 2.5mm should be available online somewhere or at Radioshack.


    Good luck and let me know if it works.