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Hello all.

I bought my iPod Nano 3 days ago after wanting one for a long time, and I am very pleased with it, I got an 16gb '(product) Red' one from the store.


I left it on at home all day today, and when I came to use it, something weird happened.

I turned the screen on and this voice in my earplugs told me the name of the song and the artist.

I flicked through a few of the other songs, but all that I heard were the songs, however when I went back onto that song my nano told me the song details again.


I knew my nano had some kind of voice over, so I went into settings, but it was off.

I turned my nano on and off, went back to that song, and again, I heard the details being spoken to me.

So I wondered if turning VoiceOver on and then off would help, so I went to turn it on.


Unfortunately, VoiceOver on the nano is, in my opinion, extremely complicated to use!

The only other device I have is an iPod touch, which I've barely had any problems with, and I've never had to turn on VoiceOver on any Apple devices as my hearing is fine.


A message told me some of the controls would be different once VoiceOver was turned on, but it didn't specify which ones, so I turned it on anyway.

The screen refuses to slide back to the home screen, it's hard to select the things you want to, and I had no way of turning it off again.

After realising the help service on the phone had closed for the night I searched online for help, but couldn't find any, except for help for shuffles.


Here's how I turned it off:

I opened up iTunes, connected my iPod nano to the computer, and once it had finished syncing I disconnected my nano, as I knew that it would return to the home screen.

After a few tries I managed to get onto settings and turn VoiceOver off.

The only way I could find to get to the home screen was to keep connecting and disconnecting my nano until it let me press the right things on the screen and turn it off!


I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and knows how to get back to the home screen without having to mess around with connecting your nano to iTunes.


I've had quite a bit of experience with Apple products, though I didn't use my iPod touch for a while as it was too big for me to carry around with no pockets, so I know how to use my nano. I didn't turn on VoiceOver or turn on any weird settings as I'm dedicated to knowing how to work it inside out, so if you know why my nano has done this, or have any theories, I'd be happy to hear them.


Maybe I could have searched online more, but I just thought it would be easy to make a discussion to see if it would help me in any future difficulties. If anyone can show me a link to any similar discussions, that would be great.

Thanks for reading!

iPod nano
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    Sorry, I forgot to add that this is the fairly new 6th generation nano, with the touch screen.

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    I am having the same annoying random Voice Over (VO) problem on my iPod nano gen 6.  It is off both on the iPod and in iTunes configure universal access but the Annoying lady comes on in the middle of a workout for no reason and keeps repeating songs and playlists. I have software version 1.2.  I have reset and rebooted numerous times.  I have tried turning it off and on on the ipod and itunes but nothing can shut the VO lady up.  I am ready to give this unit the boot.  Please help before I throw this thing out the window.



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    I'm having the exact same problem as everyone else!  I've done every recommendation listed and still it will give me a random voice over!  It seems like a common enough problem that a bug fix should come out to address it.

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    My 6th gen nano has same issue. There seems to be some correlation with how much battery life is remaining though. "Bickering Betty" generally stays silent until the charge is down to 25% or so. Then she starts yucking-it-up more often as the unit discharges. I have version 1.2 software and have tried all the tricks to silence her once and for all - no success!

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    Same issue.  Repeats song title/artisit/album every 5 to 60 seconds.  Then sometimes just goes silent.  Happens after about 20 minutes every time I use it.  Both voice over and fitness spoken voice are turned off.  Tried restoring to factory settings.  No luck.  6th gen nano is essentially unusable as a result.

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    In my case I've since determined that doing a reset per the manual ("Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and Volume Down button until screen goes dark.....") will help for a limited time. That action seems to shut up "Bickering Betty" for 1-2 battery discharge cycles, but hen she eventually starts yapping and and I reset it for the next 1-2 cycles. At least the thing is now useable although with this anoyance factor. Hope this helps.

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    Resetting hasn't worked.  Even after resetting it happens after 20 minutes of use.

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    So I have the same Ipod but, i was like just playing around with it to see what else was cool about it that i didn't know about. But i clicked on VoiceOver, then it was really annoying then i like, locked the screen so now im in music and i don't know how to get out. Anyone know how to??

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    Thank you soooo much!!! She was so obnoxious.

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    same issue on playlists