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I have a MBP with a two HD setup. An SSD with my system software and a 2nd with my most of my home folder- Home folder with Library is on SSD, the rest is sym link'd to the 2nd HD.


I've done this setup on three different laptops and all three are running CS 5.5. without fail- except for one. All programs run fine except bridge, which, at startup creates a folder named "null" in /volumes. This results in permissions and script errors when starting bridge. This does not happen on the other two machines. Bridge runs flawlessly and does not create a volumes/null folder.


I have a sinking suspicition that this has something to do with my setup as this is the first laptop I tried the doulbe HD on. My followup suspicion is something with javascript.


I know this is somewhat of an app specific question, but Adobe forums have not been much help. Additionally, I'm thinking that this might be something with the OS itself.


I'm all up to date on updates and patches and I've fixed permissions more times than I'd like to admit. Any ideas?