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As title says I have new Mac & wish to delete all data from old Mac but I don't have the original disks I think the software is 10.??? on old Mac. Can it be done? I'm not a real tech so would need to know in simple terms please lol

Thanx in advance

  • dwb Level 7 (22,615 points)

    To erase the drive you need to start it from another system disk - that's whata booting with the original disks would do for you. Do you have another disc that will start the computer? You could use that.

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    Do you have an external hard drive that is at least the size of the one inside the computer which you can erase completely?


    You can (and should if you wish to sell the computer) order replacement discs.  Call Apple Customer Support 1-800-767-2775 (telephone numbers for other countries - http://support.apple.com/kb/HE57). Provide the serial number and specifications of the Mac.  They may be able to provide a replacement set of discs for a fee.  These discs will be for whatever OS was installed on the computer originally, so if you have an upgraded version you will need to obtain the discs some other way.

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    On the other hand, if all you want to do is wipe the drive prior to recycling, depending on the age of the old computer you may be able to connect it to the new one and use Target Disc Mode to erase the drive from your new computer's Disk Utility.