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I seem to see more items on the news these days cover hacking etc and with Macs as popular as they are now expect that they are now also more of a target than perhaps previously. Frankly I loathed the systems we had to use 6 years ago on the Windows based machine and although I am sure they are much better now, I am looking for advice on three things:

  1. Does a Mac need protection and what kind (is it really effective?)
  2. How is the iPhone and iPad protected?
  3. How can I reliably check my machines are clean

I have looked around but a bit lost for the trees to be honest...


Many thanks for any advise or views on this noting that I have gone with the Cloud thing, although I do not store everything on it (i.e. no docs and no backup yet).

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    Regarding #1, see my Mac Malware Guide.


    As for #2, note that there is no malware for any iOS device, except for devices that have been jailbroken.  So security in general is pretty good, though you've got to worry about potential privacy issues with individual apps or how you use your phone (like whether your photos posted to Facebook have location info embedded in them, etc.), phishing attempts in e-mail, questionable web sites, etc.  All these things are issues for any electronic device that connects to the internet, regardless of platform.


    As for #3, your Macs are almost certainly clean if you have kept up with all updates.  (If you haven't, run Software Update ASAP, as there's an update that can remove one piece of malware that's going around right now.)  However, if you want to scan it for malware anyway, after reading my guide, you can use Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition or ClamXav, both of which are free.


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