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I bought an apple airport extreme base station a few days ago. I was told I could use it to extend my networks range. I currently have tv Internet and phone through xfinity/Comcast. My xfinitity router is an SMC and I need to use it cuz the phone runs off it. I live in a 4 level townhome and it's range *****. Doesn't work in all rooms on the 4th floor. So I bought the base station and hooked it up to the SMC via an Ethernet and thought I set up right. But I noticed the range didn't improve so I opened the airport utility on my MacBook pro I clicked on the base station on the next window under wireless under a drop down I chose "extend network" or something like that. It said wait a few moments for update then I got an error. So I called apple to ask what I was doing wrong and they said I couldn't use an airport to extend the network of a 3rd party router. Not unless I put them in different rooms and connected them with a super long Ethernet. So now I'm confused is that right?  All I want is a better signal in my house. Please someone help me and explain to me how I make that happen..

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6)